We are now accepting students for the FY2023 program!

Continuing on from last year, we will be conducting the Expert Program of Environmental Management of Nuclear Emergencies and Disposal Radioactive Waste in FY2023.
This program aims to connect off-site and on-site of nuclear power from the fields of earth science, environmental science, and nuclear engineering, and to develop human resources who can promote public understanding from their respective positions such as government and education, as well as experts who can solve problems in Japan and abroad.
The following 9 courses will be offered, but you may enroll in only some of them. Everyone from other universities and the general public are also welcome to participate by online lectures.

Travel expenses for field works and internships are supported for students who have completed all lecture courses from (1) to (5).
The Field Work in Overseas in FY2023 is scheduled to be in Europe (IAEA, Swiss Institutes for geological disposal, IRSN in France, etc.). We hope you will join us!



Japan Nuclear Human Resource Development Network

University of Tsukuba


Center for Research in Isotopes and Environmental Dynamics at University of Tsukuba