Open English Seminar in Nuclear Emergency

Open english seminar with prof. Thomas Hinton (Fukushima University/ Colorado State University) will be held as part of the 3rd special seminar in Nuclear Emergency on ENEP.
All students (esp. ENEP students, graduate students), staff members and other guests are warmly welcome! (Advance registration is required. Thank you.)

Lecture themes:%e5%8e%9f%e5%ad%90%e5%8a%9b%e7%81%bd%e5%ae%b3%e7%89%b9%e5%88%a5%e3%82%bb%e3%83%9f%e3%83%8a%e3%83%bc-1118
・On the Evolution of Radioecology- Why we Lost Ecology Along the Way.
・The environmental effects from the Chernobyl accident
・Challenges and Controversies of Protecting the Environment from Ionizing Radiation.

Date: 9th December (Fri) 13:00-16:30
Place: Laboratofy of Advanced Research A, 217

For registration, please send an email to the email address below with your “name”, “affiliation”, “contact address”, and “the number of participants”.
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Japan Nuclear Human Resource Development Network

University of Tsukuba


Center for Research in Isotopes and Environmental Dynamics at University of Tsukuba