Open English Seminar in Nuclear Emergency

How has nuclear disaster affected the environment?

ENEP will be holding a Special Seminar in Nuclear Emergency in July. The lectures are given by very well-known, international scientists who present their research on covering the full range of environmental effect.
This is a rare chance to see them all in once!
All students (esp. ENEP students, graduate students), staff members and other guests are warmly welcome! (Advance registration is required. Thank you.)
Please feel free to participate!

(For registration, please send an email to the email address below with your “name”, “affiliation”, “contact address”, and “the number of participants”.) (Remove “#” from the above e-mail address before sending mail)
* Special Seminar in Nuclear Emergency 01AD705
* Credit: 1.0
* TWINS registration deadline: 30th June


8th JULY (Sat) 9:00-12:00, 13:30-16:30

*Please bring your laptop and download the ERICA Tool in advance.

Prof. Nick Beresford
(Environmental Contaminants Group Leader, Center for Ecology & Hydrology / Honorary Professor University of Salford, UK)

Prof. Catherine Barnett
(Radioecologist, Center for Ecology & Hydrology, UK)



9th JULY (Sun) 9:00-12:00
Prof. Gerhard Proehl
(Unit Head, Assessment & Management of Environmental Releases Unit, IAEA)

9th JULY (Sun) 13:30-16:30
Prof. Brenda Howard
(Radioecologist, Center for Ecology & Hydrology, UK)



Japan Nuclear Human Resource Development Network

University of Tsukuba


Center for Research in Isotopes and Environmental Dynamics at University of Tsukuba