For prospective students

For students from University of Tsukuba

This program is offered as a course in the Master’s Program in Geosciences, but anyone can take it. However, please check the regulations of each degree program carefully to see if the credits you earn will be accepted as a requirement for completion of the degree program to which you belong.
If you wish to participate in a long-term internship or overseas field work, please consult with your academic advisor to ensure that it does not interfere with your master’s research.

For students from other universities and the general public

Anyone can participate in this program through online lectures (face-to-face participation is also possible if you have time). Those who wish to participate in the program will be graded in the same way as students of University of Tsukuba, either by submitting assignments or by taking a final exam, and will receive a certificate of completion based on the number of credits required for the program. Please note, however, that credits cannot be transferred as the credits of your university.
Participation in field work and internship in Japan or overseas is also possible. Students who have earned credits for five lectures will receive travel expense support in the same way as students of University of Tsukuba (please note that the amount of support depends on the number of students who wish to participate).

Some lectures will be made available online. Everyone can watch the lecture videos, so please make the best use of the videos.

For more information, please contact
ENEP office
TEL: 029-853-4210


Japan Nuclear Human Resource Development Network

University of Tsukuba


Center for Research in Isotopes and Environmental Dynamics at University of Tsukuba