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Special Seminar in Nuclear Emergency (2017)

(1) Radiological protection of the environment
(2) Red fire, Chernobyl 31 years later

(5) The role of the IAEA
(6) Overview on the MODARIA II
(7) The influence of the season, ECOSYS
(8) Transfer of radionuclides
(10) Nuclear Accidents
(11) A comparison of remediation after the accidents

Special Seminar in Nuclear Emergency (2016)

(1) Fate of 137Cs and other radionuclides in rivers and lakes
(2) Movement of 137Cs by water on hillslopes
(3)-1 On the Evolution of Radioecology
(3)-2 The environmental effects from Chernobyl accident
(3)-3 Challenges and controversies of protecting the environment from ionizing radiation
(4)-1 Ukranian national radioactive waste management program
(4)-2 Radioactive waste characterization in Ukraine
(4)-3 Environmental radiation monitoring in Chernobyl exclusion zone

ENEP Kick-Off Symposium; World Nuclear Disaster and the Environmental Impacts

(1) The impact of Sellafield discharges on the environment An Irish perspective
(2) Environmental effects of operating the Savannah River Site : A nuclear production facility
(3) Radioactive water contamination and its dispersal in South Ural (Mayak area) Review
(4) The incident of Chernobyl and subsequent forest contamination issues


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